Garnet Ghost Town

There was a time, a hundred years ago, that Garnet was a thriving town, filled with gold miners and their families. Working hard to carve out a community in the heart Garnet Ghost Townof  the Garnet Mountains. In 1898, somewhere around 1,000 people called Garnet their home.

Garnet Ghost Town is Montana’s best preserved ghost town. Garnet’s fame lies not in the gold, but in the rich history of the town, the people that lived there, worked there and played there.

An easy drive from Rock Creek Trout Bums, visit Garnet Ghost Town during your Montana vacation.

Montana’s most intact ghost town wasn’t built to last. Enterprising miners were more interested in extracting the riches below ground than building above. As a result, buildings grew quickly, most lacking foundations. They were small and easy to heat.Yet, a century after Garnet emerged, remnants of the town stand, hidden high in the Garnet Mountain Range east of Missoula.

Garnet was named for the semi-precious ruby-colored stone found in the area and it was a good place to live. The surrounding mountains were rich in gold-bearing quartz. There was a school, the crime rate was low, and liquor flowed freely in the town’s many saloons. The bawdy houses did a brisk business and Missoula and Deer Lodge were close enough for necessary supplies.

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