Well, I’m a day later than I promised…I got caught up in the activity of taking down Christmas decorations and forgot to make it back to my office.  I’m sorry about that!

So, a bit of history before I share our news.  I’m not sure if many of you know the history of Grizzly Hackle Fly Shop in Missoula, so I thought I’d share just a little bit.  Were you aware that Grizzly Hackle actually started here at Rock Creek?  It was here before The Merc, and (obviously) before Trout Bums…it was the first fly shop on Rock Creek and was started by Jim Toth.

I’m not sure what year he opened up – sometime in the 1980’s though.  He and his first wife had a small home about the same distance from the road as we are, but nearer to the 11 mile marker (we’re at mile 8). They built a small addition off the front of their little cabin – couldn’t have been more than 10’x15′ and put out the open sign.  I’m not sure what year they moved their shop to Missoula, but I do know it was already gone by the time I moved to Rock Creek in 1991.

At that time (around 1991), John & Susan Taylor from Atlanta purchased the property from Jim Toth, and though the signs stayed with the property, it was never again a fly shop.  Joe did plenty of work for the Taylors…he added a bathroom to the master bedroom, converted the porch to a dining room, built on a deck, and converted the garage to a bunk house.  The signs for Grizzly Hackle are still there, adorning the walls in both buildings, a reminder of the origins of the humble home.

The relationship with the Taylors began as business, but developed into a close friendship over the years.  Joe did lots more work for them…in addition to fishing with John every time he and Susan would come to Montana.  We have shared their joy in watching girls grow into women and have families of their own; and their sorrow as Parkinson’s disease decided to make John it’s victim.

Last fall when the Taylor’s were here with their oldest daughter and her son, discussion came up with regard to not being able to use the cabin as they had hoped they could after John’s retirement…Parkinson’s has made travel very difficult.  However, they do not want to sell.  So, we briefly discussed offering it as a Trout Bum’s rental.  We made the decision final this past Friday.

I’ve still got work to do to get it ready to rent but I wanted to make the announcement.  This is going to be a very sweet rental!  The main house has 3 bedrooms and 2 full bathrooms.  It will be able to accommodate 4 singles or 2 couples and 2 singles.  The bunk house will also be available as an add on.  It has one private bedroom and a twin over full bunk-bed in the main room, and 1 full bath.

There are lots more details to this home, but I’ll stop there for now.  Rental price will be $250 for the main house, and $150 to add on the bunkhouse.  The bunkhouse cannot be rented alone.  Additionally, this home comes with fenced pasture for those traveling with horses!

What you see in the photos is Joe building the fire-pit that is attached to the beautiful deck he built down by the stream, and the view from the deck.  Unfortunately, I don’t have any other photos of this property yet…so you’ll have to trust me that it is of the same standards that you are used to getting with a Trout Bum’s property.

So, that’s my news…I’ll be building a page for it soon so you can book online.  Or you can give me a call if you’ve got questions.  Oh, and one more thing…I’ll have news on ANOTHER new rental soon.  Stay tuned…