It’s hard to believe we’re 22 days into the new year…I’ve had an old song running through my mind on loop for several weeks now.  Tracy Lawrence did it some time ago, the 1990’s I think – Time Marches On.  The part I can’t seem to shake is one verse and the chorus…

The South moves north, the North moves south

A star is born, a star burns out

The only thing that stays the same is

Everything changes, everything changes

Time marches on, time marches on

Time marches on, time marches on

Time marches on, time marches on

And so here we are…22 days into this new year that we’ve been anxiously awaiting to start as though somehow all the troubles of 2020 would magically disappear when the calendar turned over.  And so it goes as the song says…time marches on, and everything does change.  

I hate the term ‘NEW NORMAL’.  I want normal to be easy hugs and friendly handshakes.  I want normal to be meeting a friend for coffee, or lunch, or whatever…without having to wonder if we have to get take out because indoor seating has been discontinued.  Or worse yet, finding some of our favorite spots to meet have been closed permanently because prolonged closures just don’t pay the bills.

I want normal to mean attending concerts, or walking in the half marathon, or having my neighborhood over for a BBQ.  I want normal to include visits to friends confined in nursing homes, or hospitals.  I want normal to be kids playing together in parks and riding the horses at the carousel.  

I want ‘normal’ to mean the freedom to have relationships; greeting one another with a hug and a kiss.  Tasting food from each other’s plates, sharing laughter from the gut, or crying tears in each other’s arms.  Yes, I want to embrace…but I do not want to embrace the “new normal”.

Even in my business, which thankfully has not suffered from the restrictions, the change to “contactless” everything has made me realize just how much I always enjoyed the face-to-face interaction I experienced first 23 years of being in business.  My 24th season was 2020, and because I had no real interaction with the guests, it was easy to forget that I had people in the cabins.  It was strange, and I don’t expect 2021 to be any different by the looks of things.  And it makes me wonder, how do you build relationships if you don’t talk to one another?  Joe and I have met some really wonderful people over the years we’ve had this business – some have become very close friends.  How do you build these types friendships in this ‘new normal’?  

I hope we can go back to the ‘old normal’…it was much more pleasant.

Some changes though, are not bad nor hard.  I shared in my last blog post that we are nearly finished with Trout Bums Bighorn Cabin #1, and soon Joe will begin framing Cabin #2.  I posted a video to YouTube with a quick walkthrough of the cabin last week, here’s the link Rock Creek Trout Bums Bighorn Cabin #1.  There’s been even more progress since then, but you’ll get a good look at the cabin and what it has to offer.

But there is another change happening that I’m excited to announce.  

Many of you know that The Blue Damsel Lodge closed a few years ago, then opened for the 2018 season, then closed again.  The owners approached me last fall about offering it as a Trout Bums vacation home, and we have decided to take it on.  It WILL NOT be a full service lodge like it was.  It will be offered as the rest of our cabins are – a stand alone rental.  The difference is, it’s set up as a lodge, so it’s great for groups that want to bring/hire a chef.  It’s got direct stream access and is a fabulous property.  The lodge has 6 bedrooms, 8 beds; 4 with their own private bath, and two units that share a bath.  3 of the rooms have their own gas fireplace.  There’s a beautiful wood burning fireplace in the great room, a commercial kitchen with HUGE gas range.  There’s so much to this property, and I’ll get a page built soon, but I’m so excited I wanted to announce it now.  We have the per/night price set at an introductory rate of $895/night with a 4 night minimum.  And YES, we will be coming up with a wedding venue package price.  This is a great addition to the Trout Bums line up.

That’s it for now – send me a message if you’re interested in more information about The Blue Damsel before I get the page built, or our new Bighorn Cabin #1 until I get some pictures posted on the website.

Until next time…

Be well, stay well and above all be a friend.

Deb, Joe and Smokey the cat

“There’s not a word yet for old friends who’ve just met.”
– Jim Henson