I’m happy to report that the Goat Creek Fire portion of the Sapphire Complex Fire has been successfully contained.  Rock Creek Road AND the stream were re-opened Wednesday August 9, at 6 AM.  Unfortunately, The Little Hogback Fire is still going and growing strong at nearly 20,000 acres!

Here are a few questions I’ve been asked, so I thought I’d answer them in this forum:

Is it smokey?  Yes, some days are worse than others – and obviously some days are better.  To date, even with 3 fires burning in this drainage, the air quality at Rock Creek has not been worse than moderate.  Please note that even if there were no fires at Rock Creek it would still be smokey…much of the North West has significant fire activity.

What does the landscape look like now?  Though the fire came down to the road in some areas, the area between mile 5 and 9 (where the burn is most visible) is not decimated because it wasn’t a hot, wind driven fire.  Yes, we lost trees, but you’ll be surprised at how few were burned in the grand spectrum of things.  Mostly the understory, where the tree ‘duff’ is, burned.  So, ultimately, the fire cleaned up the forest floor.

Can I reschedule my reservation and come at a later date?  Yes, if you just can’t take the smoke, we can change your reservation to a later date (even 2018) with no penalty.  However, our cancellation policy (that you agreed to when you made your reservation) is still in effect, so it’s better to change your dates instead of cancelling all together.

Is Rock Creek on hoot-owl restrictions due to the heat?  Nope, you can fish all day and all night.

Can we have a campfire?  ABSOLUTELY NOT!!!!!  Stage 2 fire restrictions are in place, and fire danger is extreme!  If it is determined that you are responsible for starting a wildfire, you are responsible for the suppression costs.  The Goat Creek Fire has cost over 7 million to date.  I don’t think you want to have a campfire that bad.

How about cigarettes?  Stage 2 restrictions also require that smoking be done in an enclosed area.  We don’t allow smoking in any of the cabins, but if you must smoke (outside) keep a 1/2 filled water bottle and drop your butts in the water.  That way you are confident that they are dead out – AND you’re not littering!  This is a good idea whether there are fire restrictions or not.

I think that’s it for now.  Send me an e-mail if you have any questions, and I will be happy to respond.  In the meantime, we’ve still got a bit of availability in the last half of August, and lots in September…and because June was a washout, and after that the fire affected the last half of July and first half of August, we’ve decided to keep the cabins open until the end of October if there is interest.  The calendars are up-to-date online so you can book any time.

Until next time…

Deb & Joe