2017 WOW!

It's 2017...seems like just yesterday that everyone was worried about Y2K, and life as we know it coming to a halt.  How many people bought non-perishable food stored in buckets and still have it stored in their bomb shelter?  How many were ready for the power grid to go down, and we were all going [...]

Is it really 2016???

You know you're getting old when you look at significant events and think 'was it really that long ago?'  I had that thought recently, remembering back to the great fear and almost frenzy that surrounded Y2K...so many horrible, awful things were SUPPOSED to happen when the clock slid past midnight, to 12:01 AM 1/1/2000.  But, [...]

Christmas Campfire

Please join us Saturday, December 19, from 5 - 9 PM for an evening of fellowship and good cheer at our 7th Annual Rock Creek Trout Bums Christmas Campfire. We'll provide the chili and corn bread...please bring a side dish to share and your own adult beverage. Please RSVP so I know how much chili [...]

Let’s get this party started…

  Howdy from the creek...fishing has been stellar. Yep, I said it and now it'll probably get stinky...but yesterday's report was from smiling faces that landed over 50 fish, and I'm not talking from a boat! March Browns have finally decided to make an appearance, and skwalla showed up for the party too. It was [...]

Springtime at Rock Creek…

Yep, it really is here...after a whole lot of teasing, spring has made its official appearance at Rock Creek, and we all feel like dancing a jig.  Although the first half of December was pretty brutal with below zero temps, and a foot of snow, the rest of December and January were pretty mild.  Then [...]