It’s another grey, winter day…this winter has been no longer than any other winter, but it’s been real.  That’s the difference.  We’ve gotten used to mild winters with warm days.  This year though, has been the 3rd coldest on record.  We didn’t get much new snow in January, but February has been double what is normal.  We’re a bit below normal for this date (at 88%) but we’re in a wet trend.  NW Montana got literally dumped on these past few days, receiving 3 – 5 FEET.  We got rain…which, of course, has turned to ice.  That translates to snow up high though, and that’s good.

Rock Creek has been frozen from Spring Creek up for most of the winter, but I noticed on Sunday when we came back from church that there’s a channel appearing.  From Spring Creek down is open and fishable.  You just need to be careful of the shelf ice to make sure it doesn’t give way.  And if it’s been cold, watch for any floating ice…that’s dangerous too.  I understand the longing to just get out – cabin fever is setting in big time.  But do use your head…

Joe is still working on the cabin up Brewster Creek – should be finished with it by the time Spring comes.  I’m heading to Arizona for a week at the end of the month…ready to get out of the snow and cold and enjoy some sunshine.  I’ve got a good friend that has a place down there, and we’re planning on a girl week that will include 3 cooking classes at a local Sur La Table.  One of the classes we’re taking will be Italian desserts…so next summer I’ll be making home-made biscotti for the store along with a couple of other new items.

We both miss our little Molly, but haven’t found our hearts ready to adopt another pooch.  We think about it, but so far we haven’t been able to bring ourselves to do it.

We are within days of having our online store ready to go.  I’m meeting with the developer tomorrow so I can learn how to do the maintenance.  I’ve also just finished building the page for our new cabin…we’re calling it Big Hat No Cattle, which is what the owners have called it for years.  We are also anticipating the main portion of the Valley of the Moon property to be available to rent.  We don’t have a timeframe for that one though, since it needs to significant maintenance work done.  I’ve also had 2 more people talk to me about their properties so its a possibility we may have even more.  For now though, the cabins we’ve had for years are booking pretty quickly – so if one of those is your favorite, you’d better get busy and book.  Riverstone has very few days still open, and Ranch Creek Ranch is booking quickly too.  Look at your calendar and than pick your dates so you don’t miss out.

One more thing…for those of you who enjoy reading my faith-based writing, I thought I’d share my blog link. And if you feel so led, you can scroll down to the lower right corner and select “follow”.

That’s it for today.  I’ll be writing again soon…

Deb & Joe
“What good is the warmth of summer, without the cold of winter to give it sweetness…”
John Steinbeck