Change…it’s a good thing

Rock Creek Trout Bums 43 mins ·  Well, it's almost a wrap on 2018. 2019 will bring a few changes here at Trout Bums, but even though there will be changes, most things will stay the same. For some reason, my announcement about closing the fly shop has caused some confusion about renting cabins. First, let's [...]

Fire on the mountain, lightning in the air!!!

7/18/17 Goat Creek Lightning Strike How do I seems this year has been filled with one thing after another.  I guess I'll start with fire, and tomorrow go from there. To squash any rumors stating otherwise, the upper Clark Fork down to Rock Creek and Silverbow Creek are the only sections of [...]

Springtime at Rock Creek

  News from Rock Creek...I guess it's just about time to get this party started.  This Saturday (5/20) is opening day of fishing season.  That means the small streams will be open, AND that those of you that like to keep a few fish to eat will be able to do it.  Unfortunately, all the [...]

Winter continues to hold it’s grip…

It’s another grey, winter day…this winter has been no longer than any other winter, but it’s been real.  That’s the difference.  We’ve gotten used to mild winters with warm days.  This year though, has been the 3rd coldest on record.  We didn’t get much new snow in January, but February has been double what is [...]