Rock Creek

High atop the Long John Mountain range of the Montana Rocky Mountains, a life begins. As drops from melting winter snow-pack come together, first as drips, then a small trickle form the beginning – the conception; natural springs join in causing the volume to increase and gain speed as it comes closer to its birth.

Along the way several other streams join in; the East Fork, the Middle Fork, Ross’ Fork, and the West Fork. The major tributaries come together and form what we know as “Rock Creek” a blue ribbon trout stream that boasts a bounty of wild rainbow, cutthroat, brown, brook and bull trout; a stream that is 54 miles long by the time it reaches the Clark Fork River; a stream that (with its tributaries) is host to moose & many species of waterfowl in addition to its nearly 280 miles of fishable water! A stream teaming with life, formed by the hand of God…

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Stonefly Nymph on Rock Creek

WELCOME 2021!!

January 5th, 2021|0 Comments

  Greetings from Rock Creek!  I can't believe it's been 2 years since I [...]

Angler’s Review

Came to Montana to do a little fishing and boy did we have fun. As they say – we slayed them!!! Caught 25+ fish per day on the Bitterroot and Blackfoot rivers – not bad for retired fellas. Our stay was excellent and the cabin / accommodations we awesome. Thanks so much
Scott and Ted, WA